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The Cannabis Industry is a noisy place. The so called “green rush” has saturated the market with countless brands and companies. An expertly crafted marketing strategy is key to standing out against your competition and drive a provable ROI.  

Without a good cannabis marketing strategy, your business is leaving money on the table. We can help attract customers, convert them, and retain them! To prove our value, we offer a free contract review, and digital audit to help you better understand your current strengths and weaknesses – as well as make sure your current solutions are honest and working for you. 

Whether you need, SEO, Email Marketing, SMS/MMS text blasts, Social Media Marketing or more! The Marijuana Digital Marketing experts Roundhouse Consulting can help!

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It’s All About the Network

Roundhouse Consulting, LLC is the brainchild of three marketing experts who saw a practical need for no nonsense, reliable, and trusted business and marketing solutions for the cannabis industry. We envision Roundhouse Consulting to be a one stop shop for the full spectrum of solutions for nearly every business model.

Our experience in marketing allowed us to see the distinct challenges and needs of countless businesses. In our mission to provide the best service for our clients, we realized that we could not do it all. So, we found the best and most reliable partners ranging from payment processing, legal services, banking, payroll, grow consulting, product sourcing, and compliance consulting to fill those gaps.

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Brand Identity and Design


When it comes to starting a new business, establishing yourself in the forefront of the cannabis industry is important. Today’s consumers have evolved and to be competitive, brands must as well. That’s where Roundhouse comes in.

Web Development


The website is the new business card, which means it has to be handy. While we want every site we create to look great on desktop, we design everything mobile first, so when you meet a new client, you are always putting your best foot forward.

Search Engine Optimization


If you can’t be found by your audience, are they even your audience? Our expert team can help you roll with the punches that come with ever-shifting algorithm changes from search engines and make your brand visible on the web.

Social Media Marketing


Navigating social media in the cannabis industry can be difficult and frustrating at times, but Roundhouse’s team can set you on the best path to engage with your customers, promote your brand and manage your community as it grows.

Email Marketing


Keeping in contact with loyal customers and incentivizing their business can be a crucial part to your marketing strategy. Our team is ready to develop any type of campaign you need, from a simple newsletter to an intensive drip campaign.

Paid Advertising


Believe it or not, it is possible to run paid advertising campaigns in the cannabis space, and our specialists have done it successfully for our clients. If you’re looking to grow quickly, look no further than our custom tailored campaigns.

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